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Pure Nutrition at its Best

My five year old Rottweiler, Bentley, has had a life filled with activities.  He has attended 2 different obedience schools since he was a young dog, has had many exciting weekends at lake Eildon house boating and bush walking.  He has also achieved his CCD and CD titles. He is a fit, well balanced, well socialised dog.  At 12 months of age he became very ill and was diagnosed with hemorrhagic diarrhoea and spent a total of 3 nights in intensive care.  I believe this was brought on by intolerance to red meat. (Of which his owner was to blame for, that would be me).  He took some weeks to fully recover, regain his strength and put weight back on.  His diet now consisted of boiled chicken and rice and dry food (science diet – large breed).  6 months after his stay in hospital I gave him a bit of lamb, left over from a roast.  It didn’t take long before he had his head in the water bowl, then vomiting and the diarrhoea started.  We confirmed it, no more red meat!

As the years passed he was on a diet of dry food in the morning with a slice of chicken and vegetable loaf, (purchased from the vet), and in the evening boiled chicken with pasta and veg and some more dry food. We walk every day.  His first poo would mostly be normal, but about once a week it was runny, (like dairy whip).  The second poo was always runny.  There had been times when for no apparent reason, he literally had the squirts, so desperate some times that he would wake me up with a desperation about him to get out, the result always being a very hurried poo.

Bentleys official grandma, (owner of his dad), has been using Artemis dry food for some time with her pack of 4 legged kids.  She suggested I try this grain free Salmon based dry food for Bentley. So she referred me.

The Artemis pet food people delivered me a free sample, after consultation about Bentleys diet and health history, and he had his first feed of it on a Thursday night. He had some for breakfast the next morning and again that night.  On Saturday when we walked he had he’s two poos and both were perfect.  Every day after that for 7 days his poos were normal and I began to introduce the other elements of his diet back in.  Breakfast loaf in the morning and his chicken dinner (exit the pasta) and continued with the Artemis grain free dry food.  It’s now been nearly five weeks and he has still not had one runny poo.

I have also noticed some other changes in him.  I used to bath him at least every 3 or 4weeks.  Two reasons for that, the first is because the humans in the house, (and I might add at this point, Bentley is a family dog and spends time with us, if we are inside, so is he) would say to me “he smells doggy” yea no surprise, he is one! The other reason was because his coat would look flat, like he needed a wash.  Since being on the Artemis dry food, he does not smell doggy, and his coat, in the height of winter, looks like a satin sheet. I have not had to wash him for a month.

There is no question that this grain free Artemis dry food has made all the difference!

I have donated the science diet to a fellow dog owner who uses it, and will never look back.


Thanks Judith and John for helping my boy have a healthier system and look the best he can.


Jackie Lewis.


Melbourne Vic.

Hi, I just wanted to share my beautiful Bella's story with you.


Bella is a 3 year old Golden Retriever. From around 6 months old Bella had a lot of issues with constant diarrhoea and putting on weight, as well as constant skin irritations, ear infections and UTIs.

The more we would feed her the more that would go straight through her, we managed to calm the skin irritations, but the ears infections and UTIs were still there. She has been in and out of the vet and had pretty much every test available and the vets were still baffled as to what was wrong, there next option was a stomach biopsy but I wasn't trilled about them cutting her open.

We had tried her on many different diets, from raw to prescription diets, and nothing was working. She was extremely under weight, happy enough and always keen for a play but always lethargic and could only walk for short distances before tiring. 

After spending thousands of dollars trying to find a solution we had almost given up hope.

Then the best thing that could ever happen, happened. We were relocated from sunny Brisbane to Melbourne and discovered a cute little Pet Shop down the road, Collars and Scents, at this stage Bella was just a tiny 19kg a far cry from the female breed average of 32kg.

There I met the most remarkable and giving lady (and my hero) Sharon. After talking with her and trying some other options, she thought that Artemis might just do the trick and ordered me a small bag of the Osopure Salmon to try. 

After seeing improvement in the size and consistency of her stools, I bought a big bag. After that big bag she we went to the vet and she was 21kg, she had put on 2kg and was feeling more energetic.

We are now 3 big bags down and just came back from the vet and today weighed in at 25kg. She now looks a lot fuller and you can no longer see her bones poking through her fur, and I no longer have people telling me that my dog is malnourished and they are going to call the RSPCA ( something that hurt me greatly because I would and had been doing anything for her, and it pained me that we couldn't find a solution.)

She now begs me to take her for walks and even runs, out doing me every time. 

We haven't had any major ear infections, UTIs or skin irritations. Her skin has gone from being black, to a healthy pink. Now that the diarrhoea is gone we no longer have any problems with anal glands and her breath no longer smells horrible. 

I now get comments at the park about how healthy she looks and what good shape I keep her in.

I can not thank yourself or Sharon at Collars and Scents enough as you have changed my beautiful girls life.

Thank you a million times and more,



Melbourne Vic