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Artemis Pet Foods would like to assure all our current and future customers that NONE of our products undergo any Gamma Irradiation Treatment whatsoever.

Artemis Pet Foods will not be sold in Pets stores that sell puppies or kittens.

Pure Nutrition at its Best

Artemis is dedicated to providing not only healthy pet food but promoting a whole-life approach to caring for animals. We believe that achieving a balance of all parts - all aspects of an animal's life - enables them to thrive.

Because a healthy life style begins with nutrition, we have created a food that balances all the necessary proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals, resulting in a food that is greater than the sum of its parts. A holistic approach also encompasses disease prevention and finding ways to support the natural healing process. Our products were developed with the idea that prevention is the best cure and we have gone the extra mile by incorporating fresh vegetables, fruits, herbs and digestive enzymes to truly meet all the nutritional requirements. A holistic perspective not only benefits our customers, it benefits Artemis as a company and gives us a foundation we can be proud of.

Why holistic? Because everything works better when it's in balance.

Made in California, Artemis Pet Foods first arrived in Australia in January 2008. Artemis has been consistently listed in the Whole Dog Journal's Top Approved Dry Dog Foods and once again in 2016 achieved this status. In 2007, many pet foods were re-called causing a huge scare amongst pet owners not only in the USA but also here in Australia. Some of the well known and trusted brands became potential hazards to our beloved pets. NONE of the Artemis products were recalled and Artemis happily submitted samples of all products for testing and they all returned negative for the contaminent, melamine.

Food For Thought

Artemis products achieve a comprehensive approach to caring for animals with their emphasis on a natural diet. However, in order for your dog or cat to effectively balance the body's energy and experience well being, optimum diet is only one facet of the criteria. The other aspects of a healthy life style depend on you!

* Is there adequate sunlight, fresh air and good water?

* Does your pet have a comfortable, secure, and quiet place to rest?

* Is the sanitation good?

* Does the pet receive regular and proper grooming and exercise?

* Does the pet get regular veterinary check ups?

*Does the pet get enough love and attention? (Never enough!)