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Artemis Pet Foods would like to assure all our current and future customers that NONE of our products undergo any Gamma Irradiation Treatment whatsoever.

Artemis Pet Foods will not be sold in Pets stores that sell puppies or kittens.

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More important info about Gamma Irradiation


We find it extremely irresponsible of quiet a few Australian Pet Food Companies to make the statement that ALL imported pet foods are Gamma Irradiated - this is simply not true. An import permit is required for pet foods coming into Australia and the manufacturing processes have to adhere to very strict guidelines. If any of the minimum requirements are not met then the importer will be offered the option ( at their own risk) to have the products undergo Gamma Irradiation, this is on an individual basis, not a blanket requirement. There is a government ban on the irradiation of imported cat food so if the statement that ALL imported pet foods undergo this treatment was true then we wouldn't have any imported cat food here right? 

Dog foods and indeed treats that have undergone irradiation when imported into the country legally have to have a label attached to them stating the product MUST NOT BE FED TO CATS.

What these Australian companies DONT tell you is that this same Gamma Irradiation treatment is regularly used by AUSTRALIAN manufacturers to decontaminate ingredients and extend the shelf life of pet foods. Steritech is the main provider of these services and makes no secret of the fact that they are an allied industry member of the Pet Food Industry Association of Australia.

Anyone that tells you that ALL imported pet food is irradiated obviously hasnt bothered to research the facts and if that is the case, how can you trust all the other claims that they make?

Food for thought

Australian made, Australian owned actually refers to the company...NOT necessarily the ingredients!